4 Steps to Develop Creatives

If you’re a graphic designer, try following these 4 steps to develop creatives. To deliver the best results, a graphic designer must think not only creatively, but strategically as well; thus using both sides of the brain.

Having creatives in a project makes things easier, smoother to explain, and even more fun to follow through. Before we get into starting the project and planning it, we need to look into how our brain works and how we can use it. We have a right brain and a left brain; Right-brained people deal with colors, harmony, rhythm, being holistic, synthesis, intuition, subjective, imaginative and looking at the whole picture. Left-brained people deal with numbers, sequence, analysis, objectives, logic, and words.  

Planning our projects carefully helps us use both sides of the brain! To finish the project at hand, we need to look at the whole picture; so, we use both sides of the brain and not only one. In order to accomplish this, we go through four steps: Having a vision, the realization of the current situation, an action plan, and keeping the project on-going. 

Let’s start explaining what these steps mean:

  • Having a Vision: What is the big idea? And how will I know when I have it?
  • Realization: This means realizing and recognizing the idea. Is it possible to do? Does it relate to my lifestyle? Is it achievable?
  • Action Plan: What do I need to make this project work? What kind of strategy?
  • Keeping the Project On-Going: Mind mapping is a great plan for keeping the project on-going. It always helps to bring new ideas to the project because it keeps the right and left sides of the brain on track!

One of the best ways to start organizing your project’s ideas in a creative way is making blueprints for them, which helps clients/consumers understand the entire direction. They are creative and easier to navigate. When staring at a blueprint, choose different numbers, different colors, and different box sizes to identify what’s most important and what’s least important. This helps the creative team understand the ideas and produce the best results!


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