An Interview with a Writer

Eithar AlMosibeah is one of our copywriters, and she has published a book! So we decided to grill her with questions about her experience in both through an interview.

“Writing as a job and writing for pleasure are completely different things” – Eithar AlMosaibeah

TMD: Hello Eithar!

Eithar: Hello!

TMD: Tell us a little bit more about this book, your pride and joy!

Eithar: It is! I consider it to be one of my biggest accomplishments. The book is in Arabic, the title is “قلم في يد امرأة”/ “A woman with a pen”

TMD: Very interesting title.

Eithar: I believe so too! I mean a woman is lethal and sharp enough on her own, what if you added a pen to that equation?!

TMD: So it’s your first book?

Eithar: Yes it is! I have been writing ever since I was 14, and I published a couple of my pieces in multiple newspapers and magazines, I still save the clippings to be honest.

TMD: Of course you would! Tell us more about the book!

Eithar: Well, it’s a collection of stories, poems, and thoughts. There are 36 pieces, and  they vary in themes. I think that’s what I wanted for it, to change colors in the palms of the reader. It’s a very light book with different aspects, one you can have on your bedstand and read it in leisure with your morning tea or your cup of milk before you sleep.

TMD: That sounds lovely! Well the cover for sure is very interesting! Care to elaborate on that?

Eithar: Yes, of course. The cover shows a woman as a snake charmer, while the snake’s head is actually the edge of a pen. In a way it’s a symbol of a writer’s efforts to tame his pen, in order to come up with a good work of art.

TMD: Interesting! How about the other illustrations?

Eithar: I wanted my book to be appealing to both the mind and the eye, so I worked with an artist in order to create visuals for every piece and have them as an attraction. My artist Lana AlMahdi, was 16 years old when we started working on the book, she has an amazing talent in capturing the essence of each piece and visualizing them, and this was the result!

TMD: You were able to present your book at the book fair for two years in a row! Tell us about that experience.

Eithar: It was amazing! I met many people and signed my book! I attended both the one here and the one in Jeddah as well. Now the book is actually in Jarir’s bookstores, so you don’t have to wait for another book fair to get it!

TMD: That’s good to know! Now the big question is.. How different it is to write for your own and write for a job?

Eithar: That’s a very interesting question! I think writing is writing, whether i’m writing a book or working as a copywriter. The difference is the source of inspiration, When I write for myself the inspiration comes from inside in a way, but when I do my copywriting tasks the inspiration comes from the outside. Also, in copywriting you follow what the client wants, in your own writing you follow what you want!

TMD: That’s a very interesting point of view! This entire interview was interesting! Thanks for giving us this time, and we wish you more success with your next book!

Eithar: Thanks TMD! It was a pleasure.


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