Diary of a TMDintern During Her Co-Op

During my internship at TMD, I was fortunate enough to learn and experience a different side of the world. As I was a student, all I have experienced was learning what the criteria presented to me and having examples from other people’s work. Instead, while working in TMD, I learned how to apply my teachings and create my own work. As an intern, I found the experience to be beneficial and enjoyable.

Every student wants to only take the co-op and graduate in the shortest time possible. I actually chose to take the full five months for my internship; not for the degree, but to learn and have the time to understand the scope of work. I learned so much not only professionally, but also in regards to the social aspect of life. I’m very pleased to say that I combined my major with social media marketing, in which I studied 80% information technology (IT) and 20% social media marketing. Even though I majored in IT, TMD lead me to fall in love with social media marketing. Something that I found very astonishing was the team I worked with. Not only did everyone work as a team to produce successful outcomes, but they always found time in their busy schedule to help me and answer my endless questions. They really feed your curiosity!

An important key to do a great job for me is to find whatever you do enjoyable. In TMD, I found the balance between work and enjoyment. For example, the fields that I got trained in: IT, from websites and website application development for internal and external projects as well as clients campaigns, to APIs and GPS location management; and social media marketing, including content production, community management and online media buying. I used them for work of course, but also I enjoyed learning them. My supervisor has included me in two meetings of an external project; this direct contact with the client and team of experts was very interesting and informative. Also, my supervisor assigned me some challenging projects. At first, I found them very difficult and impossible, but with determination and his help, I was able to succeed. I enjoyed the challenge and I enjoyed the successful result even more.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”- Plato

As a student and an employee, I loved the experience during my internship of diving into the professional world. Without a doubt, I would love to come back and work full-time at TMD.


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