Maximizing Engagements on Social Media

Having a business profile on social media platforms is mandatory for most companies nowadays. The profile should be fun, interesting and could even be educational to increase engagements on social media. Many customers rely on social media in terms of communicating with the business instead of calling the call center and often waiting with no result.

Let’s have a closer look at how to have two-way, successful and positive communication..

When followers take the time to share, like and comment on your posts, it’s very important to respond to their comments and acknowledge their likes and shares. You should keep in mind to communicate naturally and add a human touch to your responses instead of being monotoned like a robot. It’s a good idea (depending on the client’s direction and brand image) to drop the formal tone and reply using casual spoken language, even if the user used formal wording; this shows that you’re willing to have an open conversation, not just answer a question or query. Most social media accounts are now laid back and informal. The more fun and interactive you are in your replies, the more trust you get from your followers. Encouraging people to interact on social media platforms is more important than the post itself because it shows you what’s mostly attracting the user regarding your business’s product or service.

You should appreciate users who contact you and treat them like friends. Don’t bombard them with direct marketing. Mention their first names, have a sense of humor and add some emoticons or GIFs to your replies. In order to better understand them, you can visit their profiles to check their interests and use the provided information to bond! If the bond is mutual, they’ll continue to engage with your social media profile, mention their friends and they might even talk about your “cool” social media profile offline.

Hashtags are also very catchy, especially if they’re trending. You can easily include a trending hashtag in your reply and expect users to engage with likes or comments. Don’t be afraid by users tagging your competitors because you can use this challenge to your advantage as an opportunity; you can respond with something bright and creative (but never rude) that would make the story go viral!

Engaging with users on social media is fun and will surely build stronger relationships and a wider community. People are always looking for new social media profiles with trendy and creative personalities, and this is what we at TMD are good at. We build communities… We really do! ?


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