Insights & Analytics Reporting

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Content is King’, which implies that content is above all and we don’t believe that this statement is true. The actual vehicle behind any successful online activation lies in effective and meaningful insights & analytics reporting, through the evaluation of gathered data prior to content production and online campaign planning to insure positive outcome and higher performance achieved.

Through social media reporting hubs, website analytics, 3rd party tools used for data collection and reporting along with manual extraction of data through community managers activities, we would be able to have enough data to evaluate our activities using our iterative method and produce reports with notes & recommendations based on your platforms performance.

Set of reports produced by TMD would depend on your business needs and based on your request, where we aim on customizing each report through direct feedback and based on your business needs to insure higher performance achieved through your online activities.

What type of Insights & Analytics Reports does TMD generate?

The following sets of insights & analytics reports are a sample of what we usually produce, other reports are shared based on your business needs and customized to add value to your online activities,

  • Instant Reports: We understand your need to generate specific data at any given moment for any reason that might arise, where we aim to share the required data on the same day or the next business day based on the request type along with notes and recommendation if applicable.
  • Social Media Reports: Understanding how your social media platforms perform and your audience engagements with your activities is essential for us to shape our upcoming activities, allowing us to perform better at each cycle. Social Media reports contains all main KPI’s such as (1) Social Media platform insights, (2) Reach, (3) Engagements, (4) Audience Background, (5) Audience Growth, (6) Content Performance, (7) Best Performing Content, (8) Targets Achieved – if applicable -, (9) Notes & Recommendations, and other sets of KPI’s.
  • Campaign Reports: After 3-5 business days of any campaign executed for you, we shall work on the campaign report, insights and recommendations to be utilized with any similar upcoming campaign. Report metrics is usually defined based on the campaign type and active platforms.
  • Social Listening Reports: Monitoring your own platforms won’t be enough as you will definitely need to widen the scope by listening to online users, which would be beneficial to track users discussions on your brand, competitors activities or how users react on a specific platform when you launch a campaign on another. This will also be beneficial to spot any issue/ crisis that might arise and work on resolving it before it escalates.
  • Landscape Analysis Reports: Benchmarking your activities with your competitors or with the industry shall allow you to understand how you’re performing, insure you’re always seen optimizing your activities to achieve the first rank among others.
  • Website Analysis Reports: If your business depends on activities through your website such as purchases, signups and other types of conversions, a website analytics report shall allow you to understand website visitors behaviour, which supports in launching online marketing campaigns that increases conversions through your website, and optimize your website for better user experience.
Hop on board, tell us more about your business and what you want to achieve, and we’ll navigate, explore and find enlightenment together. In addition to successful results, we promise you a fun and stress-free experience!