Online Community Management

We strongly believe that if you have customers, then you need Zendesk. More than 100 million people around the world receive support from Zendesk-powered customer service departments and help-desks as their online community management solution. While industry averages point to low customer satisfaction, Zendesk customers experience positive ratings for over 86% of their interactions.

Why? Because of Zendesk’s unique and reliable qualities. Distinctive approach to customers’ engagement enables you to listen, respond and delight your users in ways not possible before. It’s not just another help-desk tool, it’s the easiest and fastest way to achieve a great customer service position.

Much like the art of Zen, the path to customer service excellence is a continuous journey that involves the three Ps: Product, people and practice.

Looking for full support to manage your online communities?

Through TMD, you will be able to unlock the full potential of your online interactions with your community members, with attention to details and added value.

  • Customized interaction with your online communities that meets your brand image
  • Coverage during and off business hours based on your industry and requirements
  • An escalation process built uniquely for you based on your organizational structure
  • Documenting each case by setting customized fields to insure data is being collected
  • Higher satisfaction rate and community members engagement with your brand

Looking for a solution for your team?

As an authorized partner, we would love to introduce you and connect you to Zendesk because it’ll help you do the following for your online customer care activities:

  • Customization to better suit your online community management requirements
  • Create users and set different roles
  • Train community management agents to be experts and admins
  • Set online community management guidelines and policies and train community management agents to follow guidelines
  • Conduct periodic quality control audits
Hop on board, tell us more about your business and what you want to achieve, and we’ll navigate, explore and find enlightenment together. In addition to successful results, we promise you a fun and stress-free experience!