Paid Media Management

We’re a certified partner to some of the world’s best paid media management solutions including Google AdWords. We obtained this status because:Google AdWords Partner Badge

  • We have a team that consists of online advertising professionals who are certified by Google AdWords
  • We create campaigns that outperform industry averages
  • We have a continuous learning method; we always follow up-to-date best practices

We specialize in the following paid media management hubs:

  • Paid search advertisements (Google, Bing and Yahoo!)
  • Display and video advertisements (Google Display Network and YouTube)
  • Social media advertisements (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Snapchat)
  • Paid endorsements and content curation
  • Click-to-call advertisements
  • Click-to-install advertisements
  • Email marketing

In regards to our TMD-client partnership strategy when managing paid media campaigns, we aim to generate more value than cost. We aspire to maximize your profits by delivering results that exceed the expenses of the advertisements. Through our iterative method we will continuously…

  • Connect the dots between costs and value from online marketing and optimize ROI.
  • Understand the impact of your content and optimize virility and engagement.
  • Maximize your reach.
  • Track appropriate sets of KPIs, set reasonable targets, and define roles and responsibilities accordingly.
Hop on board, tell us more about your business and what you want to achieve, and we’ll navigate, explore and find enlightenment together. In addition to successful results, we promise you a fun and stress-free experience!