Social Media Marketing

We specialize in unruly and creative social media marketing activities that help set you apart from your competitors. Our online marketing campaigns impact bottom-lines and go beyond “likes” and “retweets”. We at TMD created and (re)designed more than 500 platforms, and we have been carefully documenting our records and findings. Year by year, all the accounts attained the status of exceeding their own reach, engagement and ROI records.

We enjoy collecting loads of data from social media platforms and making meaningful sentences out of the data. Sometimes, we test out messages – in a controlled matter – through advertising to different segments and study how people behave. We don’t just enjoy this; we’re actually good at it!

Each social media marketing campaign needs to be planned in advance to ensure each possible opportunity is being utilized, increase the outcome of the campaign and avoid any negative impressions that might arise, which leads us to four elements to be set for each social media marketing campaign:

Communication Objectives > Requirements > Activation > Evaluation

  • Communication Objectives: Set our plans with objectives that we would like to achieve through our communications, with key results and targets to be achieved, allowing all parties involved a clearer view of what needs to be done and ways of achieving the required outcome.
  • Requirements: Set and prepare requirements such as creative elements, media buying plan, community FAQs to be produced based on our set objectives.
  • Activation: Launch and monitor the campaign results on a frequent basis to optimize by adapting any opportunity that might arise based on the campaign performance during launch phase, or any advised amendments to be applied to ensure all objectives are met.
  • Evaluation: Reports, insights and recommendations to be documented and utilized with any similar upcoming campaign through tracking audience behaviour and generated insights.
Hop on board, tell us more about your business and what you want to achieve, and we’ll navigate, explore and find enlightenment together. In addition to successful results, we promise you a fun and stress-free experience!